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Car parking is an ideal benefit to salary package
for a number of reasons:

  1. The cost of packaging in virtually all cases will result in an increased take home pay for the employee.
  2. For employees of exempt and concessionally taxed employers, the savings will be even greater.
  3. Combine the packaging of a car and a car park – FBT savings can be generated for both by recording "no benefit" days on the same documentation. Let us show you how... contact us.
  4. Prepare a log book for your car benefit and car parking benefit at the same time – save time and double the savings. Let us show you how... contact us.
  5. The employer claims the GST and only charges you the GST exclusive cost.
  6. Car parking is a concessionally taxed fringe benefit.
  7. If your employer provides the parking outside the vicinity of where you work, then the parking may be FBT free.
  8. If where you work is outside the main CBD area, then the parking may be FBT free.
  9. Use of the after tax contribution method will generally give rise to even greater employee savings.
  10. The FBT law allows for a number of valuation methodologies – choose the one that fits your work lifestyle.